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project 4

Renovation and Additions 20 Kendall Street Elwood

This Victorian house has been enlarged to cater for a growing family, with a focus on sustainability and without the loss of the backyard open space. The home retains the period feel at the front, and provides modern living spaces that have been designed to be practical and maximise the benefits of the northern orientation.

The existing rear part of the house was demolished and rebuilt on a similar footprint in double storey. The existing house has also been extended into the sideway to provide new service areas and bathrooms. The new first floor incorporates two children’s bedrooms, a play area, study, bathroom and easy access to roof storage.

The renovation / extension has been designed to flood the house with natural light while providing shading to reduce summer heat gain. The use of external louvres complements other ESD features that have been incorporated into the house. These include a 10,000-litre underground rainwater tank for flushing toilets and supplying water for the washing machine and garden. A gas boosted solar hot water service, use of Low-E glass in windows, high efficiency light globes, a solar chimney for the study, and louvre windows to provide cross ventilation.